Food for Thought: What is Wrong in our School System

In my Xing Insider Article “Wir müssen die aktuellen Lehrmethoden auf den Kopf stellen”, I write:

“Digitalization is currently challenging us – in our private lives and in our careers. Job profiles are constantly changing, new technologies are created. What our working environment will look like in 20 years is anybody’s guess. We, as well as our children, must be flexible enough to adjust to all of these changes.”

What I didn’t mention in the article were several additional indications on why we need a completely different type of school system. Currently, there are many new ideas being discussed for an education that enables our children to think and learn independently.

Sir Ken Robinson, for example, makes it clear that the current public school systems are inadequate for meeting the challenges of the future. These systems were setup to make people ready for the first and second industrial revolutions and are terribly outdated.

In Robinson’s TedTalk “How to escape education’s death valley”, he talks about how the school system could be better adapted to the needs of our children.

“NEXT school” is a teacher initiative in Mumbai whose goal is to make learning in school more relaxed, more rewarding and more relevant.

I recommend you take a look at these videos. In my posts, I will occasionally give suggestions about how education can be approached differently.